Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Trial and Error of making a product.

When you work back my costs, you realize GITB is expensive to make - and I will break even if I sell ~500 per product only royalties. Yeah - good products take work and trial and error - financing the Trial and Error so that I can spread it over a number of sales is my prerogative. (I have to recoup about 2k USD of investments). Currently, my odds of breaking even is low. 

Trial and error is really part of the cost - nothing is perfect, but they can be better and better over time. Trial and error is a cost no one wants to pay for, but its a necessary part of a developing products - making better and better products. 

If you're a fan of AGILE, QMS, and incremental improvements. I gues you'd appreciate how Open source changes the power dynamics. 

Accountability is in my sales (People like the product enough to pay money for it) and Open Sourcing everything I can open source. You know you're paying the BEST value for trial and error - with transparency and the ability to make a better product because we release the material in its RAW components (that we have the rights to release).

Excited after 2-Parsec Text and Spreadsheets are DONE. Nicco and I can do the FUN TASK of making the Models - Underground SPIN gravity and Spin gravity and OG habitats and stations. Just making a TON of art is going to be frustrating as we relearn blender systems we forgot (Rigging, Animation,) and learning more Geometry Nodes. PROCEDURALLY generated underground and Spin Gravity Stations that is MAPS ready for VTT!!! 

Oh yeah! GITB wants it that you buy our Products and you can make a book of your own. Basically all the Cepheus Engine and other Scifi TRPG game designers may find our products useful if not a BIG help. Not just for the tools but if some partner products are made (where I find and train a student to make more like stuff) they can hire my former students to help them make a higher level of products. 

 Open source makes sure you get the best value - as anyone can compete. one day African and Indian creators will probably be creating more amazing things than us, and I look forward to Enjoy playing games more than making them. 

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