Sunday, November 6, 2022

Thank you for your Patronage! Week 44 report (October 31 to Nov 4)

Stakeholder updates 

  1. Justin Tasks
    1. Fix the Zones and Position mechanics.  Target Nov 12
    2. Make the new mechanics reflected in the Libreoffice of Mneme World Generator. Nov 18
    3. If I finish above on time: Proceed for Reaction Drive Project - Delta V Budget, Rocket Equation,   RP-1 (Kerolox), Methalox, Hydrolox, and Metalic Hydrogen fuels. 
  2. Nicco Tasks. 
    1. Finishing 1 system for our System Template. Target in Nov 12. (3 weeks running, we try to make it 1 system in 1 week - note the amount of deliverables per system: Maps, renders, models, NPCs, etc...) We ran into a Setback as we discovered Alpha Centauri system is a triple star system. 
      1. all 3 systems are targeted by Dec first week. That means after this first system, we will build the Production system and then standardize and eliminate the low value stuff and Waste/Muda. 
    2. Libreoffice version of Mneme World Generator. (low priority)

Main goals are Produciton of 1 week of work 1 system with all the details from nicco. Then my editing hopefully 1 week then off to nicco for polishing and changes. then with a total throughput of 2 weeks but these are OVERLAPPING. AFter the first template we should be at production. 

This is a better week than last. 
4-5 MWG per week, that means 5 weeks to Silver. At current rate. Once these 3 systems come in that's 13usd for the MWG for anyone buying after Silver (which will slow down our growth)... but hopefully. 

Honestly the price of a system is going up as we are learning more about the costs and setbacks. BUT of course its job to invest in tools and techniques that will drive down the cost and pass the savings to stakeholders so that when they look at Game in the Brain products - This PRODUCT saves me 4-6 hours a week of adventure and world building preparation - because we give you models, Libre office, PSD files, etc... 

The goal is that Reaction Drives, the MASS BASED Ship Design and the 3d Models of Hard Scifi Cepheus TL7 to Late TL8 ships will make people go - "I get a bunch of ships of 13usd I can render for my game and maps of layouts etc...  when most products are 20-30usd"  

One of our challenges is JUPITER system - the 100 Moons of Jupiter and the intensive Heka Trillion Credit Economy of Jupiter in 2500 where the Ice Giants are the cheaper sources of Metalic Hydrogen and the New Frontier - but Jupiter with its 300 years of INfrastructure is the "Giant" the biggest Developed Economy in Sol. How do you price detailing 100 moons, dozens of Ships, procedurally generating Habitats etc...  

Jovian Politics shaping Sol systems and Identity the way America shaped the world 500 years prior, or the Romans 2500 years prior.  

I would love to Model Mega Structures of Vacuum Airship Cities on Neptune and Uranus. Ships in near constant Dark as so little light from the sun reaches these cities. Cities RIDING the tides and currents of ice and gas. this being the "FRONTIER" world cheaper metallic hydrogen with new techniques of collecting them and PRODUCING them. 

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