Monday, November 21, 2022

Thank you for the patronage! Sales Report Week 46 Nov 13 to 19 2022

 Thank you for your patronage!

Status Report: 2-Parsec 

  • Characters 4 out of 9 character have art and write up.  
  • Map of 2 out of 3 systems are done. 
  • Write-ups for 2 out of 3 systems are done.  
  • (NEW; Setback) Variant Combat Rules Equipment Chapter will be included -
    • Character Detailing Challenges - i have to make a better easier to use Equipment Spreadsheet. 
    • A lot of equipment will need to be included and the basic information. 
  • First Draft for my Edit and Review by Nov 25. Give me first week of December to edit it (Nov 28-Dec 2). 
  • Dec 5-16 Ia nd Nicco will be making the Space Stations and Renderings by this time. 
  • Assembling the File:
    • Booklet of 3 Systems 
      • PDF 
      • Doc file
    • Character Portraits for 9 NPCs in PSD, and Jpg files. 
    • 3 Maps PSD files and jpg files
    • Diagram of adventures. 
    • 3 Space stations files and the Planets (non-scaled distances; the space stations will not be scaled against the planets)  
  • The target has moved to 3rd Week of  December. 
Set Backs
  • December Obligations will leave me and nicco spent. 
  • New responsibilities at work. 
  • Helping friends set up their ERpnext in their family biz and teaching a new batch of Students to set up ERpnext. Erps in CE TL8 (TL7 in Mneme) are the software in the ship that takes care of ALL the business analytics in the game. Anything about the Finances, Logistics, and operations of a Ship will be in the Ships ERP.  Any activity recorded in the ERP is converted to COST ops and income impact - so players can design what is best for their business. 

DUE Deliverables
  • Fixing the Position Calculations of Mneme World Builder Spreadsheet 
  • (Due Jan) Reaction Drive Spreadsheet (in order to create a Reaction Drive plug in) 
    • Methlox, Hydrolox, Metalic Hydrogen, and RP-1  Calculations 
    • Delta-V and Rocket Equations calculation. (having Pecier check my math is a BIG deal in the confidence of putting out the product). 
  • (Due Feb) Realistic Space Travel rules by Pecier Decierdo - Gamification of travel. We discovered a way to make the calculation of Space Travel a bit more realistic
    • - if you play Children of a Dead Earth or Kerbal or Simple rockets, we'll make the concepts a bit more accessible. It will change how Travel Time is calculated in the Game. So much so that its a very different mental paradigm. The benefit is you're thinking in orbital mechanics - and your storytelling for your hard Scifi adventure has developed. also you can give us feedback and we will talk to Pecier to figure out more diagrams and explanations since we can animate it in Blender to explain. 

  • (Due Feb) Realistic Planetary position rules by Pecier Decierdo 

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