Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Back to working on GURPS MIddle Ages LITE

Looking at what there is left, I think it will be another 20 more hours to finish it. I need to test it and see if people will find it "complete enough".

The book is arranged in a way you can easily create a character that will fit Harn, Song of Ice and Fire aka Game of Thrones, or a historical game. I will have so add on docs for templates, lenses, random character generators, and load outs. Ideally following the templates and lenses, if the player takes a split second per decision ( because we know what we want) it should take 30mins. It would take an hour with the GM guiding the process.

Bringing down GURPs character creation for newbies to 1 hour should be a milestone. Even faster if you take away 90% of the decision making. Of course from 0 knowledge of medieval feudalism it would still take several conversations and maybe sitting in to watch Game of Thrones, Rome, or series of the like to know what you want.

Note to self
- add signature gear for "ancestral weapons"
- manor generation
- Warband generation ( the common large combat fighting unit ) a handout to be used with mass combat.

Note that I have some rules tweaks, which have a superscript of non-canon or non-raw.

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