Sunday, December 2, 2012

Power Creep and Universal systems

This can be addressed by the same approach. Approaching systems with a stronger game theory understanding allows one to understand the dynamics specialized systems do to enhance and developed a flavor. Then if your great in math, wrangle up the metrics of the system to be elements of of the set of rules for that.

Ex. I can make GURPS have a plug in set of rules for wound saves instead of hit point tracking. Players need only make saves vs the damage, ideally remove damage rolls reference point when it comes to firearms in exchange of a wound save.

A save system can be in place for morale or psyche to emphasize mental duress and recovery is important.

This can address power creep, listening to the powers in DND 4e, it sounds like just more techniques in GURPS. It's just more things a fighter can do, of they drilled in it of course they can do it better. That's one of the differences in that scientific mindset - there is no magic - I can do that too... But really terribly unless I get a lot of practice and have the right discipline and training.

Rules can be bent, modified, telescopic etc. flexible to achieve certain goals. So when systems get upgrades/updates, the content can be targeted and exploring these options and their pros and cons. Particularly addressing reference points can allow a system to favor a particular style of play. GURPS lite, forces a GURPS gm to simplify and abstract. I noticed it makes me go back to basics.

Having heard of what burning wheel has to offer, I realized that continent that makes players think about their character and role playing as more important. The three beliefs is an interesting method.

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