Thursday, December 13, 2012

Updated my D20SRD Homebrew Rules

D20 SRD has

  • no power creep, 
  • accessible, 
  • easily define-able

You can find it here.

  • Combat is Lethal with Con being the arbiter of life and death. 
  • It is EASY to be hit. 
  • HP is Fatigue Points; an important Logistical Tool and for Spell Casting
  • Creativity and Detail allows characters to make surprisingly clever or lethal solutions. I allow called shots and 
  • Survival is a strategic challenge, as XP is from cleverness, RPing, and visualization. 
  • Low Powered Game but has a lot of milage. 10 being the highest level allows for Easy NPC creation. 
  • Magic  and Supernatural is Scarce and has a Role-Playing Demands (because of the detailing Codes of Conduct, Vows, etc...)

i plan to just convert modules for this.

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