Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Risk and XP

As a scout in airsoft with the killer instinct of a pacifist geek so I get killed a lot in game. Being a scout is an important part of the learning process. Being a scout means being great in improvising, observation, stealth, inference... A lot of things I suck at, in return what? Honestly, scouts get a lot of crap - there is no big press release about how important their contribution is, they just barely survive or get maimed. I don't have to point out the psychological disads of being a scout.

A scout goes where data is very limited and there are no buffers that reduce lethality of the project. When I compare my role as assault vs scout, I have more risks as a scout and way less buffer room - even when I'm charging into a room being shot at.

So what is the benefit of being in the position of great risk - lessons burn into your memory. Pain and hardship makes the lesson more practiced and exercised. I should not generalize to just scouts, but to positions of high risk and high ability demands. Espionage operatives have the same problem and the same risk and experience multiplier in their position.

Applying to gaming, I will point out risks to players and provide more character development rewards to those who put them selves in high risk. The rewards is regardless of success or failure, it's purely a matter of exposure and seeing the player become more crafty and intuitive.

I've moved up a bit, I'm in more command and assault opportunities now but still see I have a lot to learn and actually want to do more scouting and flanking missions. To be incredibly tired and still be able to think straight is what I want to build up to.

I guess it's great I have airsoft until I find player, the world is my GM and I am it's player.

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