Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Role playing moral dilemmas

It is an opportunity to reflect and dig deep. It is in a friendly environment where nothing of yours is truly at stake, and you are asked to dig deep and ask questions about your character using your own experience and

Three dimension characters change. They evolve, which means player has to move from one PoV to another. There is a medium to change POV and to do it safely and explore various people.

One dimensional character is what is on paper, two is what he is give certain situations and three is how he changes over time. In RPing we have to be 3d. We have to be flexible breaking up our concepts and building them back up given new data and experiences.

I think this is where we can grow a lot, a medium to grow and change by having characters change. Oh yeah, and we change as our characters change. We are influenced by the rationality we have created for these characters. Although it is a little change, it helps us grow the means to understand people better.

I think the groups collective EQ has a way of providing rich ground to improve those are still maturing, and to further explore other ideas.

I guess RPing gold, what we dig up in good games are really GOLDEn opportunities to grow and mature,

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