Sunday, December 23, 2012

Spent 5 hours modifying an adventure

Slept at 3am, finishing up an adventure. It needs some polish, but I learned a couple of things to short cut. I learned new uses of certain spells and relearned old combos. Combos like how to get 3 attacks before level 6. There are finite amount of combinations in the system at this point, which is great. It makes NPCs follow a dominant pattern of a kind.

I just made a ton of NPC classed NPCs. Players are special, and only main bad guys are equal, which is also elite array with class levels. I'm converting an OLD module through my harnic/historical lense. I plan to use harn sources as a map of the village and the name of NPCs since its very unlikely a gamer here in the Philippines would have played it. It's an OCD problem for me to correct many of the economic and historical inaccuracies in the module.

I have some inspiration where the adventure can go. A lot of clues and ideas that come from psychology, particularly indoctrination and belief system in an post war ravaged country side that has slowly begun to rebuild. Economic reasons for growth and greater prosperity means digging into my history lessons almost forgotten.

Toned down the fantastic... A bit. You can probably say, I ratchet it a notch by what I have in store. I'm aware about what the players may do, like something completely reckless and meta games (killing all NPCs) so I've prepared for that. Even if they miss all the clues and plot hooks, as long as they can communicate to me what they find interesting and fun I can work on that and improvise.

Lessons from milsim and work - prepare for the worse case scenario, decide on an objective to makes prep easier. Also have a method and plan by which you read the direction the players want to go. I'm pretty much ready to run this game once I get a decent amount of sleep and 3 hours more to prep.

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