Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Faith is a vice to some philosophies (NWOD)

Faith is a virtue in NWOD but I have to point out that to some philosophies it is a vice, especially to people who value reason or compassion of faith.

Checking it out, I realize that it is more about how your priorities and ideals allow you to follow through with your convictions and how compromise or straying from the path weakens ones resolve. Hats perfectly natural, and it's perfectly normal for people to find strength in their ideals. Without going into a really deep psychological discussion, the virtues should be something the players should define for their character. Those in the book can serve as guides, but it something that should be easily abandoned.

As a role playing meta rule or story based mechanic, let the players describe and reflect on their characters virtues, vices, ideals, and as to why it has been successful for them in their characters background.

Characters are not static, and there should be no premium on characters who stay the same... Regardless of experience that challenge their firmly held beliefs, characters may transition, they may doubt and change their mind. There are some beliefs that hold change as a vice, but as the GM and to accommodate more beliefs and point of views accommodation and understanding is priority (especially if it serves to further the game and fun).

If you are a contemplative aka spiritual GM I guess this can be fun for you, but don't let this take away from the fun of people who are not ready to dig deep. Anyway it's a game, and down the line examples are the best teachers - eventually players figure out they get what they put into the character.

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