Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Gaming Some Systems

Gaming our Telco's local Phone Plan. The wife is great at this. Planning to get a "Phablet" a Note II. I was checking out my brothers hardcopy of Pathfinder Core Rules and it really makes me want to draw. I was checking it out and was going "How would I draw all the weapons in one page?". Launching off points make for drawings easy, anyway I need to do art for my Open RPG system.

Q: Why note Draw then scan?
A: Electronically its easier to clean up and salvage mistakes. Its now in a medium where i can easily alter the BG, that saves a lot of time.

Allows me to squeeze in Art in Luls at work. this will make me also put up art more often in my G+ account! maybe I get lucky and get more press :)

Damn are plans expensive in the Philippines. Internet bandwith here is expensive, and we don't have the consumer prices for electronics many enjoy in "freer" trading countries like HK and US.

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