Saturday, December 22, 2012

from 2010, Axial Age Setting and D20 based system.

I was really inspired to play or run a game set in the Axial Age. So I made a fantasy setting that is pretty much the great powers of the Axial Age to make it more appealing for people who are not into history.

I don't know what came over me, but I made a d20 based system which is roll below your stat (follows DnD stat ranges) as the Core Mechanic. I only need to draw heavily on D20 statistics and mechanics, but I expounded using Save Based Wound/Damage system, Work and Effort Mechanics also based on the Save-Based system. It was essentially a very simple system with 1d20 and d6s for character creation (for bell curve statistics). So much has happened that I can't remember what I did.

Part 1 Character Creation.
Part 2 Adventuring

The major inspiration was Kenneth Harl and Robert L. Dise Jr works for the Teaching Company.

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