Monday, December 24, 2012

Finished Game Prep

20 hours of writing. I write slow and I zoneout while writing, a mixed blessing if there is anything positive to gain from that. It needs a little bit of polish, but if you have a chat, skype, or hangout i can give interested GMs a low down if they want my notes.

I'm ready for the game, and its uploaded in my Gdrive. I'll make it available, after I run the adventure.

I'm ready if the Players basically destroy the adventure.

  • Ton of Moral Dilemmas
  • Everything is into as they seem, and even if the players go into the adventure trying to second guess things there is enough wiggle room for me to continuously change things.  
  • A lot of scary combat, if they go that route.
  • A lot of RP opportunities. 
  • enough flexibility that I can change the theme of the entire adventure depending on the players: Political, Strategic, Combat/Tactical, Problem Solving, Mystery, even some deep Philosophy stuff and other I dont want to give away.  

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