Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So Many Communities what to do

A lot of Communities have sprung up. I joined most of them, particularly those that are System Agnostic. I guess the key is who can drum up more discussion and build a body of knowledge for me. With google docs or sites, you can build a wiki of GMing skills and Techniques. with Gdocs you can draw up a flow chart of the decision making process. 

I wonder if the lessons in strategy would pay off here, as a community develops. Which one will set out to clearly define their voice and color first. The community that differentiates and addresses its character and content. Who will differentiate, and will raise the bar?  

i'm closely watching the stats on how many threads and discussions and content. Google is what a lot of GMs have in common, the office tools do a lot to make Gaming Prep and Collaboration Easier. There are some groups out there that easily have a lot of people joined, but which one can have the entertaining discussion. 

Again, i'm thinking there would be hang outs to meet the moderators and contributors. in the flavor of HJ's an amiable and Irreverent discussion. I could really do a style analysis of what I like about HJ's explicit and non-PC method of discussion. Its a great way of opening up a lot of data and being un-inhibited in saying what you think... even they are uninhibited their ability to respect how you have your fun is quite impressive (as a gamer who likes detail and logistics I'm not offended at all).  

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