Saturday, May 22, 2021

234 Kiloton Ton Freighter

 This is a 234 KT freighter.
  • A ton is either one Cubic Meter which is equal to 1 Ton/ 1000kg of Water or 1000kg of Mass. 
  • Measuring the Volume of the Ship is really measuring the amount of Mass the Frame the ship can hold and subject to its thrust. 
  • MT is Mega Ton. this is 714 Dtons (Traveller)
  • KT is a Kilo Ton. this is 71 Dtons (Traveller)
  • 16,714 DTON ship in Traveller Units... but I want my scifi to move to Metric ( )

10 x 7.6 x 38m Radius.
18,000 cubic meters or 1,300dtons
can fit about 331 Staterooms. But it doesn't - probably 10% is occupied.  

Ship's Dimensions
  • 223m Long, width 96m, and Height is 13m. Half the size of a container ship.
    • 33.2 per TEU for 795,604.8 cubic meters capacity and total gross tonage of 228KT of mass. 
  • Fuel Tanks are 10KT each. for 40KT
    • the ITS Boost module carried  6.7KT mass of Fuel. about 0.96 T per cubic meter (at 80% of the volume is fuel). 
    •  This can hold about 6 x the KT of Fuel. 
  • Cargo Bays x4 8 side x 40m = 6.6KT of volume.  26.4 KT of Volume. 
  • Mass Assumptions. 
  • DELTA V?  
    • 768MN of thrust (20% are in the directional thrusters)
    • 57.6km/s 
  • Endurance.  with 33m radius Spinhab the crew can work out 2-4 hours a day and last for near indefinitely. Year-long missions - with short station leaves (a week). 
    • Mining Drones for snatching a snack (ice rock). Imagine ice and water and materials like clouds, we see them we know they hold a resource and we just pick them up if they are along the way. 
    • Food Modules. A variety of food Modules. 4-20 tons modules that produce different types of food. 
      • Cheapest Module is potato based. Highest density of starch production to per Ton. These are engineered potatoes for most complete and Varied types for different textures and profiles. 
      • Next is the Soy based. most complete in proteins. like the potatoes they are varied. If you ever had tofu noodles - feels like eating starch pasta but its protein. 
      • Protein VATS. for meats. The cheapest are insect vats, to the most expensive being the pork or beef vats. slower growing tissues vs faster growing tissues. The variety allows a crew not to get sick. 
      • Fruit Modules, Fungal Modules, Cereal Modules, etc... Buying and Selling modules - Thousands or millions of Brands and designs.   

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