Friday, May 21, 2021

Low Profile 3d Sketch of Wheel Configuration


  1. Many different configurations have trade-offs. 
    1. Humans are superstitious when faced with so much uncertainty, many designs will prevail depending on the shipyard and community. 
    2. AI and Humans recognizing ship configs like faces, being able to tell so much with such sparse data.  
  2. How easy it is to Kitbash makes it easy to also Manufacture these systems. 
    1. A ship can Reconfigure easily - allowing Players to reconfigure based on MISSIONS. The is customization will be another FACTOR of FUN! imagine being able go back and reconfigure your ship as PART of the adventure, not a ONE TIME THING. 
  3. Crew Sleeping and Conditioning limits their Work Hours. The longer the journey the more conditioning. I wouldn't be surprised how much VR rigs see 4-5 hours of use every day per person. 

The wheel orientation as well as the oscillation that happens makes me realize that - like a tomahawk or a thrown knife their spin and the imperfection of the wheel can either be handwaved as drift compensated by the ship computers. 

Now I'm figuring out Profiles and such signatures. 

So many different configurations to play with and actually, each has a strength. The latest one where the Command module is at the Axle of the wheel allows for easy 

The Carousel Configuration makes it easy to travel to any point in the ship while presenting a Large Profile. From engine to forward section one doesn't have to add the Diameter of the wheel for travel. 

Kitbashing some more ships. I realize the number of Radiators are too much and it doesn't assume more efficient radiators. 
a 38m Rad habitat. Allowing a crew to travel distances of an AU without much deterioration (months)

The advantage of a smaller profile are in detection and getting hit. At a large amount of complexity, humans become superstitious since there is so much uncertainty. 

Directional Maneuver Thrusters. Several Thrusters are redundancy. A large thruster is more efficient for larger burns. Players can choose the trade-offs of the configuration. 

The Near EArth objects is an Inspirational Article for me.

2.3 km diameter asteroid. Even just a mountain-sized asteroid can shield a habitat, provide resources.
  • If it has valuable resources it will be mined. 
  • IF it doesn't the mass can serve for Inertia Banks
  • Its size serves as a shield. 
Habitats to Scale: larges being 225m radius, next is 150m radius, 70m radius, 30m radius, and 15m Radius. The 225m one being the most comfortable and economical size. Unlike most Scifi settings, distributed Habitats instead of Super Massive Habitats are used. The KMs apart can be physically linked with cables and allow these habitats to store enough delta V to avoid hazards. 

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