Saturday, May 22, 2021

7 Kilo Ton Ship used to Traveling between the Moons of Jupiter.

Trying a smaller ship for a change. I'm using "dumb math" ratios and benchmarking against the spaceX ITS as I figure out how to calculate deltaV. 1:5 methane to LO2 ratio is almost 1 cubic meter to 900kg - i can round it off to 1T of fuel is 1 T of fuel tank (the mass of the container).

So this little ship with 3.7 KMs is going to have a hard time in distances like Ganymede to Europa (1.6M km 0.4M km). from 30 days to 12 days at the farthest distance or 1/4 the time at the shortest. 
The hundreds of Habitats and stations around these moons could be common type of work. 

Drones used to repair the Frames, I can imagine it's so easy to upgrade a ship with Drones. Not enough delta V, strap on a much larger fuel and engine. 

Populations Rotating and resting in the habitats around Ganymede which is the most shielded place in the region. the 4 Year Stints would be perfect in the "cycles" of the population. 
  • 1.3KTV Fuel Tanks x2
    • đš«V of this ship would probably be tiny at about 3.7KMs at 2.6 Kilo Tons of Fuel. (still working out the delta V calculations)
      • Ganymede (1M km from Jupiter) to Europa (600K km from Jupiter) at 1.6M km
      • with 1 KMs it takes 889 hrs or 37 days to travel that distance (plus orbital wastage and tax from escape velocity). 
      • with 3 KMs the ship will take 12 days instead. 
    • the ITS stats pretty much puts 1 ton of FUEL (1:5 parts methane to liquid oxygen) at almost 1 Ton Volume equal 1 Ton mass of Fuel.
  • 1.6KTV habitat 17m Radius 5.7x5.2m 
    • This Translates to 110 dtons or 28 staterooms. Of course habitat, sleeping is just 1 part of our use of area. Conditioning and some RECOVERY (which we stigmatize as recreation) would make 2/3s of the rest of the space. 10-20 people can be in this ship. Assuming the crew rotates their work in Zero G. 
    • Imagine going into this ship and having to exercise 2-4 hours a day.  

  • 2.7KT Command Hex Module.
  • if I add the 8.7KTV hex container these trips will be too slow unless its food being carried or lighter than water density.  
  • Easily the ship can be reconfigured with Greater Delta-V if needed. 

Personal Notes. 

I work in Furniture and Construction and I come from an Art Degree. I highly recommend watching the youtube Channel of Wintergatan ( and his Engineering Journey balancing Aesthetics and Design. 

I know I'm biased. I realize Occams Razor gives us all the Symptoms and Indicators about a situation and how to act and the problem really is my innate biases, assumptions, and personality. I realize I can take any situation and research enough key Indicators that any additional piece of information cannot aid my decision in any tangible way. 

This rabbit hole of TL9 ships and designs basically teach me that a lot of Aesthetics are the inherent assumptions, culture, (water to the fish), biases that make me not appreciate good design. When i fix the air conditioning this summer, arrange the furniture because of the heat, plan my day around the intense heatwave here - Its a lot of engineering - from the black out curtains, the work life of the HVAC, and the design of the furniture.  

Really good engineering is PRETTY to me even if the lines aren't because - I'm comfortable, I have a positive experience fixing and cleaning it, I able to tweak and customize it with my needs, I'm able to build over it and experiment. PRETTY-LINES don't make good design - end-user experience makes good design. 

trying to prevent a Failure of Imagination. TL9.0 to TL9.9 is going to be amazing. 

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