Monday, May 17, 2021

Habitat Mechanics in TL9.0 to TL9.9 Ship Building


3 sets of Habitats for Ships

  1. 15m radius Habitat - it takes 1 to 1 to recover. This means the same amount of time in this habitat to recover in a 1G habitat (the largest one you see at 230m radius). This caps in 6 months or 2 quarters. This can lead to ability loss in Str, Dex, or End. The smallest ring you see. This assumes.
    1. at 2 hour per day of conditioning, 
    2. the Spin and Gravity adjusts depending on the health and workload of the crew. 
    3. That crews can sacrifice Productivity for Endurance and Health. Thats why a large crew compliment is important. 
  2. 30m Radius Habitat - 3 to 2 to recover or 66% the amount of time. 1 Month in this Habitat equal 20 days to recover.
    1. Found in most Survey and Long Range Light Vessels. 
    2. Frigates and Corvets have this kind of habitat with a large crew compliment. 
  3. 75m Radius Habitat - This is 50% Recovery. or 2 months in this habitat requires 1 month to recover. 
    1. This is for Cruisers and some Large Warships. 
    2. The smallest Colony Ships have this radius. 
  4. 150m Radius Habitat.  Recovery is 33% the time. 
    1. Capital Ships 
    2. Colony Vessels. 
  5. 230m Radius Habitat - Permanent Stations or Main Capital Ships. Ne deterioration of abilities and this is the regular
By Colony Vessels, I have to clarify that this means Vessels to start a depot, station, and a self-sustaining economy. Thousands of personnel in the ring and Mega-Tons of Material and Industry are part of such vessels. 

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