Thursday, May 27, 2021

Scifi Inspiration - Astrum and detailing Operations

 Currently my Game inspiration 

Every planet in our solar system requires 30-100km/s of 𝚫V months to arrive (A rocket usually has 9.6km/s 𝚫V budget of energy ) from its nearest point of interest. In Falcon Heavies that's 3 to 10 fully fueled Falcon Heavies. 

  1. 26.7T at 9.88km/s at 150MCr (, 0.28 more km/s than low earth orbit and about 42K km) 
  2. for 100km/s I would need 
    1. a Station to Assemble the Falcon Heavy - lets say it x20 of the 1,402T of the Falcon Heavy. That's 28,000T. That's 1100 launches 165B Cr. Its not going to cost this much - what will happen is we will discover a way to Launch something to certain orbits using certain fulcrums like Bouyancy and our Atmosphere, probably it will cost 20-50% as much or 33-88B Cr.

    2. This is a 12KT volume Habitat, 900dtons in Traveller. Assuming 5000Cr per Ton Volume and I use a 20ft container Mass to Ton Ratio of 15 cubic meters per 1 Ton of mass, 857TMass at 10KCr per TVolume = 128MCr
    3. Now one assembles about 10 Falcon Heavies equivalent-  An Infra worth Trillions, probably 100x a 150M launch would need to occur. An industry spending  a thousand times more ( or 3.5 Trillion for Internet Satellites, Arms race of Redundant Satellites as subtle EW happens between satellites - and the INFRA to support these satellites (the entire worlds get many competing Satelite Internet Companies allowing Underdeveloped Regions like Africa and SEA to QUICKLY catch up and fight for control of People's data and Influence through control of the Internet). 
    4. 10-30 years spending billions per year to just get 100𝚫V to move 8000TMass would be Trillions. Of course when we've spend Billions of Billions for the Infra to do this cheaply - 100𝚫V can be mundane 

Once there - from Jupiter to Uranus these gass giants have moons that requires 1/10 the delta v for Weeks to travel between.  Such spending and material would be a mundane occurrence once hundreds of Gigatons of space faring infrastructure is set up. The way its mundane to have a ship circumnavigate the world (40k km). 

I want to write such Hard Scifi Scenarios

  1. Show the complex but frequent Travel between Local Bodies (Local meaning within the system of Jupiter) and Inter-planetary/gass giant systems. 
  2. How money is made in Common Operations and d66 TABLE of Exceptions. 
  3. The STAKES of prolonged 0G operations and the need to ROTATE characters to recover in SPIN Hab and start Exercising. The luxury of 230m radius HABS and up - like moving around in a Kowloon Walled City - ( or 64Tvolume per Person = 4dtons = 1 stateroom) or 187 people x 2-3 (for rotations)
  4. The Trade, deals, and Commerce - how people rest mostly in spin hab and WORK in 
    1. The Price of Steel plummets while everything Rises when you're in Psyche 16 and its more of a trade of commodities - as earth sells necessary biologicals (Nitrogen) and food creation modules and starter bacterias - 
    2. The Price of Iron is dictated by how Efficiently Jupiter can Trade Fuel with Psyche. 
    3. The price of Fuel plummets as one is in the Jovian system, and price of Biologicals and Life support increase farther away from Ganymede.
    4. Prospecting for Water and Ore and other such Materials because of the 𝚫V cost per Ton moved from Where its from to Where its needed. Again the VAST distances of how 3-10Kms vs 30-100Kms needed. How economic forces is shaped by Geography/Astrography and strange opportunities present themselves. 

  5. The largest at 225m radius with 13.6MT of volume can hold 230k people rendered against  2.3km Asteroid. tens of Thousands such habitats exist in way points and hubs of travel. Easily the Moons of Jupiter and other economic hubs will have many of these with some giant ones in more affluent areas - like Villages and Towns Supporting Cities. 


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