Friday, May 14, 2021

Quick Sketch of TL9 Ship with hab ring.

  • Length is 150meters
  • Diameter of ring 76m
  • 4 x 9,669 m^3 (700 ton each, 2800dton of fuel)
  • Delta-V budget? 
  • Habitat Ring, spinning enclosed in structure. 

    • probably 11,000 metric tons or 700dtons of habitat.
    • 35m radius able to have 0.4 to 1g. 
  • One powerful Main sensor, and Directional Sensors
  • Missing is the Radiator fins (several tons of radiator fins).
  • Control Module. 
  • Cargo Module. 4x 6157 m^3 (450dtons per housing). 
  • Includes Shielding. 

Changes to the CE SRD Ship generation.

  1. Diffuse Hull Capacity is the number of TONS the structure can hold. Definitely much much cheaper than the typically enclosed hull. Probably 80-90% cheaper. 
  2. Sample Habitat Modules (spin grav modules). Typically not filled, with some spare capacity. 
  3. Mass will matter and will change the Delta-V budget Calculation. 
  4. I will simplify with Delta-V budget only - and Cost per Delta V. 
  5. This is about 3-4k dton ship. This is going to be the common "Cooperative" Ship subsidized by various gov't and Entities to pursue trade. 

  1. Enclosed wing bodied ships designed to "scoop" gasses from Gass Giants in the TRACE outer orbits. 
  2. Ships can refuel from gathering ICE from rings, which is why JUPITER is an Ideal place to do business and Saturn is also proving to be attractive. Opportunistic refueling gives buffers, with AI ensuring there is enough ice to refuel. 
  3. Some Sensor Lasers are so powerful that it can be used as micro meteor point defense.
  4. Drones, a lot of drones in the EVA tasks. Drones assisting people in the EVA.  
  5. I could probably Speed Sketch with 3d a lot of the Props and leave the rest to imagination. 

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