Saturday, May 29, 2021


Mneme Variant Combat Rules

 So last night it seems Drivethru RPG approved my book and it got published. And to my surprise 7 people already bought it. 

  1. There are a lot of Cepheus Engine Rules to Track.  So I settled on MNEME or Mnemosyne as a theme and my TRUE NORTH - create a system that is easier on our mental load as we age and teach the system. One of the design elements is making Combat, Character Gen, Trade, Social etc... are all Sections of Games that can be played as 1-3 hour sessions and easy to Pickup and play. 
  2. I made sure you can REVIEW the entire book, all 71 pages can be seen prior to purchase - YOU WILL KNOW WHAT YOUR BUYING! the most important aspect of Customer Satisfaction is no promises I can't keep and NO SPIN, no exaggerations etc... '
  3. Many Future ADD-Ons that are Part of the Package. So I published it now but there are Character Cards and a Scenario I'm going to have a friend run and run for my players and record. 
    1. I will Upload the Tables Separated for GUIDES, I don't know if you will notice I try to put everything in TABLES and explain them away. 
    2. The GOAL is that anyone can buy the products and Start Playing - of course, they can start Playing a 1-3 hour session of One section of the Rules and the materials. 
  4. The Book is using GDOCS so that the buyers get HYPERLINK indexing - you can click on a keyword and it JUMPS to the page needed. Again a MNEME recurring theme. 
  5. I'm a small operation and I pay all those who help me write it in advance and take on all the risk.  I make sure everyone gets credited - Nicco and Adrian are ensured to be easily seen as part of the credits. Also Mike Dulay who had the patience to help me test the system out. 
  6. I don't know if anyone will appreciate the Systems Analysis that went into it. Particularly looking at Flow Charts and the Systems - and the Engineering that went into it. I get a lot of feedback that people don't like Flow Charts - Systems Engineering - I guess I know I'm not smart and have to compensate with Diligence and Visualization and showing my formula - to keep up with the rest. 

One of the Main underlying motivations of writing the book in this way is how stupid I feel when other books are very hard to learn. It requires so much working memory - and I am embarrassed when I get it wrong - And it's so hard to get it right because there are Rules implications hidden in other chapters in other books. I aim to correct it by applying my Total Quality Management and AGILE/PMBOK Human-centric Training in writing the book. 

Right now I'm nervous because I know I have blindsides. I KNOW I've chosen my battles, I emphasized in having a strong core structure - and some of the other elements are as strong as I can make them - with the resources I have. I know its not perfect - and while I believe "Never ruin Good with Perfect" the world is different (Spoken with Teaching people how to create monitoring systems, basic management sciences, reasoning, and problem-solving at work at every level). That's the thing about the real world - I really roll dice and being lucky matters more than skill and preparation. 

Most importantly I enjoy writing the book, helping friends out, and seeing if my Training and Experience translates well in this Venture. 

I had to Convert the book to ODS file then print it out, cut and paste it to a spreadsheet, then FORMAT and CLEAN the data. Then I proceeded to systematically apply the edits and figured out an algorithm by which I can identify the CHALLENGES in learning my mistakes. 

It was the LONG WINDING WAY to do something, but its the ability to DO something again and having analyzed my self and my weaknesses. I did the same when I listen to my own RECORDINGS of my game - listening to my voice, how I ran the game, and managing the self hate prepared me for this. 

Moving forward I believe I can improve only so much at every given try. But I will try again and have many books planned. 

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