Sunday, May 23, 2021

2KT ship with 3KT 𝚫V engines with Shuttle as Controls.


  1. Habitats are Add Ons - Particularly Spin Habs. They're bought and sold and Traded. 
  2. Hull Frames make for very easy to set up configurations. Like this one. the Goal is enough delta V and Habitat for the trip. These other Configurations can be bought and sold as needed in many ports. If you can buy Fuel, you can buy Frames, Tanks, and Engines. Of course, some places can only serve Ion engines or more sophisticated Fuel Engines. 
  3. Enclosed Ships are usually shuttles and boats. Boats and Shuttles need the following as command and control: 
    1. Hardened and Shielding for EM and Radiation. 
    2. Working long conditions - Places to sleep, eat, and perform bodily functions. 
    3. Enough Delta V to move around a Moon. 
    4. Sensors, Servers, and Stations. 
    5. Those are not WINGS, those are Radiators (with a lot of coolant and technology to bleed off heat). I realized this shape is best for radiating as much Heat away. 
    6. Directional Thrusters with very minor and precise impulses. 

What I dont know

  1. How do I measure the Ships? How do I measure the Tons of Volume and Mass? 
  2. How do I portion the Controls, Life Support and Power?
  3. How do I portion the Engines (which is everything that deals with the 𝚫V of the ship)? 
  4. What is the most Economical Configuration? 
    1. Jupiter with about 100 Points of Interest - ranging from 5km to small moons. Each moon would have about Hundreds to scores of Habitats ranging from Mega-Cities that populate 10s of Millions to Towns and Homestead Villages. 
    2. Distances of within 2 Million of Kilometers (Giga meters - made up for this game to shorthand a lot of distances). Billions of Tons of material being moved between these habitats. Kilo and Megatons of Material moving back and forth between Earth and Jovian sub-system and the FROTINERS of Saturn Sub-system which has a Cheaper Fuel.   

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