Sunday, May 16, 2021

Bullet/Carousel and Tomahawk/Wheel Configuration for TL9 Ships

I'm imagining a Tomahawk or a Thrown Axe spinning perpendicular the axis of its Vector. In this configuration, the Pros are the smaller profile and the more robust structure along its Axis and the bonus of being able to PIVOT the thrust.


  • I'm temporarily calling it the Tomahawk or Wheel vs Bullet or Carousel configuration temporarily. They remind me of bullets vs tomahawks spinning differently relative to the direction they are traveling.
  • The trade-off is greater stability of the Bullet or Wheel configuration but not great for Passenger Liners which may need to add capacity. 
  • Making my Own Ship design system also means:
    • Making my Own Economic Assumptions, as Developing World background part of a Manufacturing and Construction company I have different approach and vision of what this looks like. Particularly the QUADRILLION and QUINTILLION scale of economies. 
    • The Engine of Confidence - DEBT and INVESTMENT. 
  • I wanted to run such a game but I'm worried about how people will take it. 
    • Goodbye 2d Combat, gravity is for REST and RECOVERY, work is in Micro to Zero G. A lot of combat will be with Asteroid bases and their Spin
    • Logistics which can be simplified - it can be as simple as the GM giving a BUDGET of where they can go and a small write up, to players wanting to use Hohmann Transfers, Gravity Slings, and Hopping from hubs to rocks of Ice. 
    • Weeks and Months of Travel. With months of travel in space, a PC can change drastically.  
    • Lethalities. Starvation and Exposure are now compounded with Decompressurizaiton and many other ways to die we are not instinctually taught to avoid. 
    • Whats the Points of Interest going to be Like? Is every station the same? Its more like a challenge of imagination - understanding the principle that Space allows humans to expands the Properties mundane elements can have - one realizes aluminum on the Moon is different from that of earth, from Iron on Mars, and the hydrocarbons along the Gass Giant moons, etc... every place is so different in its material wealth and that the challenge is GMS being given the foundation to imagine what it can mean - a station rich in GOLD but starving in basics necessities.
  • Our Solar System is not a SPARSE place its THIS. ADVENTURES in just our solar system is THIS!!! Towns (400m diameter cylinders and Toroids) built into tens to Hundreds of km diameter Objects. 



  • Radiators.
  • Maneuver Thrusters (that spin, yaw, rotate the structure).  
  • Power Plant. 

Basically making a ton of Ships using Methlox and using the Civilian ships to create templates for the Warships. Warships are primarily DRONE platforms for distant engagement. My Modifications for Cepheus Engine to draw a lot from Children of a Dead Earth and making adventuring in Hard Scifi 2300-2500AD Solar system is going to be pretty interesting. 

I wish my Drivethru RPG book does well so I can afford a dedicated artist and editor to help me populate this TL9.5 to TL9.9 Setting.  Currently waiting for the cover and the Career Cards. 

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