Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Added 6 Career Cards and some minor improvements for Cepheus Engine Character Gen

 Updated and Added more Free Stuff to Mneme Variant Combat Rules
Nicco and I Added the Career Cards. These are a 2-letter-sized page spread flow chart of each career (only Barbarian, Drifter, Rogue, Mercenary, Army, and Marine). Plus notes of basic Easy Fixes on Cepheus Engine Character Creation that would make it easier to teach for new players. 

Feel Free to give us Feedback here so we can learn and improve the products. 

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Animals-0, Farming-0, Broker-0

Asteroid, Vacuum

Zero-G-0, Survival-0, Mechanics-0

Desert, Barren

Survival-0, Vehicle-0, Zero-G-0

Fluid Oceans

Watercraft-0, Mechanics-0, Survival-0


Animals-0, Farming-0, Survival-0

High Technology

Computer-0, Electronics-0, Admin-0

High Population

Streetwise-0, Linguistics-1, Carousing-0


Zero-G-0, Survival-0, Vehicle-0


Broker-0, Mechanics-0, Electronics-0

Low Technology

Survival-0, Farming-0, Animals-0


Survival-0, Streetwise-0, Farming-0


Carousing-0, Liaison-0, Steward-0

Gass Giants

Aircraft-0, Zero-G-0, Survival-0

Currently Working on a Way to allow us to Create Characters in a way that it serves as the Entire Session (1-3 hours) and a great way to hang out with friends. Wish us luck! 

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