Wednesday, June 16, 2021

My open GDOC notes on Blender -Notes of my work with Nicco for our TRPG writing

200504 GITB Blender Basics 

These are the notes and tutorials we use as our team is making Game Material. This also includes concepts and ideas and our strategies as we write more material for Mneme Variant Rules

I realize a lot of other Gamers are using 3d more and more for their Games and here I can have a discussion on workflows and techniques. 

I like teaching and discussing the theories and concepts as well as sharing good tutorials as well as my Problems. Problem statements are important as well understanding I cannot form a Problem Statement. I don't mind sharing especially if I can get feedback in return. 

Imphenzia youtube channel is critical in starting - instead of Digesting all the theory in Blender Channel, you can start with Imphenzia's low Poly studies. Whats important of low poly studies is that the EXPECTATIONS are lowered and more forgiving. Nothing is as crippling and self-defeating as mismatched Expectations - it cripples me before I begin. Its hard to see the incremental improvement when we cannot appreciate the work and small wins. 

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