Friday, June 18, 2021

Hard Scifi Heroes: Technical Challenges and Overcoming Hazards

I can feel Chris Hadfields frustration that the public doesn't appreciate "Heroic Problem Solvers". That violence is the only narrative of heroism and watching this interview makes me realize I have to figure out more ways to people feel GREAT and heroes Solving problems instead of violent catharsis.   

  1. His concerns about how professional and situation-awareness and serious Spacers are duly noted. I can break this down into the following:
    1. Task-Oriented  - the mindfulness and awareness of the Job and its Dangers.
    2. They PREPARE and perform due diligence. The concern was why did they goof around when spacers have to suffer so much and permanent damage to their bodies in space. 
  2. The Ingenuity and the personality of being able to adapt, learn, make mistakes, etc... Some personalities cannot be corrected without seeing correction as a Hostile Act. There is a very very different kind of Human mindset to really work together and be able to deal with problems and not lose focus. 
  3. The Great DETECTIVE hunt of problem-solving - everyday sleuthing. The intelligence and presence of mind to recall tried and true techniques BUT rapidly iterate them to their more sophisticated displays and demonstration as they quickly search for a solution to an elusive problem. 
  4. GMs or Players can create an Atmosphere of Task-Oriented and Work-Humility-Optimism that can make technical challenges interesting and amazing. It's not IMPOSSIBLE, this problem can be approached by the SAME VIRTUES we hope to emulate - BEST OF ALL: WE CAN PRETEND to be Task-Oriented, Great-Focus, and Professionalism. My favorite part about TRPGS is pretending until it seems I've stopped pretending and actually get glimpses of being what I hope to be. 
  5. First Man. He points out why everyone is so sad. Professional people with good EQ make work engaging, fulfilling, and Fun. People crack jokes, they understand the scale of their scientific and technological feats. 
  6. Hidden Figures illustrates the Problem Statement as a part of Pacing. Particularly the Expectations being shaped as the problem slowly reveals itself - sometimes expectations being subverted as the GM makes twists and turns to make things exciting. 
  7. Space is Beautiful 

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