Monday, June 21, 2021

Space Elevators - how they would come about

  1. First comes the Economic Incentives, the space industry with 100x the investment we currently have in it - because the Technology it produces makes up a good chunk of the infrastructure and commodities will have to happen first.
    1. The global space economy, valued at around 423.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, includes a range of activities involved in the researching, exploring, and utilization of space. There are several ways the industry can be divided for analysis, all of which have some overlap. 
      423B x 100 = 42.300T (the vacuum airships, RAM jet reusable LEO rockets, and the sky hook will happen first at probably 1 magnitude lower).
  2. That would mean there would be Spin Habitat Stations already orbititing that will serve as an Anchor. They will build the MINIMUM height that can grow. They'll probably begin with a 600KM distance (LEO) instead of a 36K km with the Counterweight Station having ROCKETS to add 𝚫V when there is loss due to Thermospheric Drag. 
  3. The tether cable will be made of the strongest material we can make given the Infancy of the Space Industry. Basically, the Spin Hab, Captured Near-Earth Asteroids, and the Moon bases that manufacture materials will probably determine the materials. 
    1. The IMPORTANCE of Microgravity Manufacturing is the creation of 3d space nano structures (see ORgan 3d Printing in Space) - this applies to making Materials we have here on Earth Self-organize in a way that We will design a stronger structure that gravity will not influence - the way pyramids are designed purely on a Gravity function but Sky scrapers with our Human Design allows far greater structures.  
    2. One of the most important things to understand about Microgravity Manufacturing is that Engineers want to control how Structures in the atomic level organize. 
  4. So you will see a Space Station slowly descending its tether cable down - manufacturing a KM or so every quarter or a year for a multi-Decade project - countries Investing so that the total Cost of the Space Elevator will be smaller for their usage cost. 
  5. There will be a Receptacle to Catch it and it will climb from the equatorial and there will be several tries with Vacuum Airships extending stabilizing the cable.
  6. Definitely, there will be multiple (4) Ongoing Space Elevators set by US-USAN,  ASEAN+Japan+ANZ alliance,  China & Africa Group, and India and Middle East Space Alliance. 
  7. Probably the 2,000usd per KG to LEO will change as VACUUM Airships and Reusable RAM jets come reducing this by 1/2 to 1/4 as Safety and Efficiency can drive the price UP as well. Space Elevators will be priced against Vacuum Airships and Reusable Jet-Rockets at probably hundreds of USD per KG. Vacuum Airships and Fan WING electric Jets will drive the price of flight per KG lower but reduce the KM per KG per USD.  
    1. 2100s will have the FIRST space elevator online. In the following decades, the others will follow. 
  8. As a SPINE, the Elevator grows and gains investments and Height as the microgravity manufacturing improves by huge leaps and bounds as more SPIN habs go online and a more regular workforce is established. Eventually, entire Kiloton Ships can be RAISED from the elevator assisted by Vacuum Airships. 

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