Saturday, June 12, 2021

Universal Sandbox Usage Terms are pretty easy to follow 

If others are considering using Universe Sandbox to detail their Worldbuilding (game material).

Hope to make hard SciFi more accessible and a lot of illustrations.

I tend to run Sandbox Games, players randomly decide one of the 100 moons of Jupiter to start their adventure it would be awesome to explain these.

"Elara is a homestead with a relatively small 200m radius habitat of 60 years old, with 80,000 people in 1MegaTon. It serves as an Inertia Tether and adds delta-V to incoming and outgoing vessels traveling in and around the Jupiter system. Like many other spin habs the cylinder is nestled inside the Asteroid to protect it... "

Elara, Himalia, Themisto, Capro are one of the Main Tether stations allowing <30km/s 𝚫V move to other systems.

I hope I can make science fun and interesting as a TRPG. 

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