Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Sleep-pod and Freshers - Solving the Orientation Problem

 Sleep pods and Freshers can be pretty much the same thing. 

1) redundant life support - cabin fails the sleep pod and fresher

2) sonic and water systems for cleaning.

3) the ability to help with Vacc-Suits and service Vacc Suits. 

4) in a no-Artificial-Gravity handwave setting - gravity is mostly with spin or spin-gravity setting - we have to unload the Life-style changes that people rest in spin-gravity and they work in micro-0G. This amount of space is a luxury.

5) My ratios of Space from BPO and Office Fitout puts Cabins at 1/2 to 1/3 the space of a ship or a station. NASA's 65 cubic meter and 56Ton Volume cabin are pretty close. So take the cabin and x2 to x3 the rest of the common and service areas IN the HAB. Outside the HAB is a different matter. 

6) Hi-G forces or Crashes protection. 

7) Suits have an Exercise Mode where walking pads and elastic resistance bands allow the wearer to exercise. Exercise and Physical Recreation can take up 1/3-1/4 of total time on a ship or station - the amount of Conditioning and personal maintenance will probably surprise us all. Team Games and Sports - Simulations and Projects will try to serve this role.  

8) The Gross Domestic Product per Person will be Staggering to us and our time. As engines move materials at x100-x1000 more efficiently than ships for the same KW or MW the tons of material, infrastructure, and labors used to maintain Habital and Dignified existence in space would be magnitudes greater than our present time. The size of the economy - measured by Income per capita or GDP per capita and Debt or Investment will have numbers that don't make sense and make sense - that an Economy and its Value is the Value its population has on the System and a more Star-trek like society that is very Equitable and a strong goodwill can allow for Staggering progress although a Feudal Empire will also allow the same - as the Emperor is a simpler repository of market confidence. Although a Democratic and Participatory system has a GREATER level of demographic quality of life POSSIBILITY while an Empire will depend on the roll of the die what kind of Emperor takes power (Cloned Emperors with minimal adjustments). Solomani vs Imperium. 

9) FORGOT - Radiation protection - when entering a radiation belt crew enter these pods for additional protection. 

1.5 x 1.5  at 3 x 2 (typical Stateroom/Cabin in Traveller). 

0.25m solidify thickness for 2.5m elevation inside the 3m high module. 

What If we Combine the Double Sleep Pod and Fresher into 1 Module with Enclosable Sections
  1. So a person inside can change their orientation. foldable bed sections - making it double bunk if needed or allow people rest. 
    1. Possible their spare Vacc Suit is here. 
  2. as well as allowing for a Vertical Standing Orientation. 
  3. This serves as an Emergency POD for the Cabin, in case the cabin is compromised. Lets say the clearance above is occupied by all the other systems: water, air, waste, processing, independent power. 
    1. We solve the ORIENTATION problem - humans cannot maintain standing or lying indefinitely. 
    2. We control Life Support and Waste. 
    3. We have our rest and protection while we rest. Its our Crash station. 
    4. It may represent the 50% of the rooms cost in Technology - with Pipes and fittings allowing for power and material supply to the cabin. 
    5. I can imagine regularly the Hard rations in the LIFE SUPPORT POD or "Pod" are replaced regularly. 
    6. Imagine rescues where these are what ships pick up. holding  1 or 2 people. Drugs for Metabolic or hibernation state - Survival Roll to activate the hibernate state waiting for rescue with "Kill" options for the user to have a painless death if they cannot be saved. 

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