Wednesday, September 25, 2013

30 RPG blog topics for any game system

  1. Most embarrassing or humiliating lessons in gaming. Each significant lesson could deserve its own post. Humbling experiences are best? 
  2. Post game reflection, problems and challenges you encountered? 
  3. What is your favorite system and why? 
  4. Another system you've tried and compares to your favorite system 
  5. Gamer origin story.
  6. How will the hobby change in the next 5 years, and where will you be then? 
  7. What is your experience pursuing your hobby as a career or why you never tried? 
  8. How growing up affected your games, relationships, and adventures?
  9. How did you prepare for the last game? 
  10. How are you preparing for your next game?
  11. What was the last time you got inspired to run a different kind of game? 
  12. What are your priorities that eat up time you could spend gaming or prepping to game? 
  13. What is the biggest obstacle or challenge in gaming more or gaming your desired genre or style?
  14. How would you describe the gamers who grew up with you, your tastes, influences, archetypes, and tell tale marks?
  15. What gamer archetype are you, and where does the archetype fails in describing you and such people?
  16.  What Academic or Technical (or any non Geek or Entertainment Media) Influence your gaming, gaming prep process, style or tastes? 
  17. How much has Marketing (probably describe what you count as "marketing") affected your gamer tastes (Any, No Influence, Strong, )?  (word of mouth counts as marketing) Examples of great marketing or wishes publishes would do for your prefered system. 
  18. Hypothetical (no research required, answer off the cuff): Choose one: You have 1 year and (8 hours a week x 40 weeks; part time ) or 2 months (320 working hours; fulltime), how would you spend it in a Gaming Related Activity? 
  19. How many hours of prep and how much would it cost you to run a game of your Ideal level of preparation and detail. If you could delegate, it to an personal assistant, what would you ask them to do (cite hours this PA is going to pull)? 
  20. What would you make your players contribute to the game if it wouldn't be too weird?
  21. When has being a nice guy gotten you into trouble as a player or GM? When has being a d-bag paid off as a player or GM? 
  22. List of 10 annoying geeky habits that you were made aware or realized? Justify in gratuity!
  23. What gaming trends you will never get into (what the crazy kids are doing these days)?
  24. What skill would you like to have that would help your game immensely but have no clue how to gain?
  25. For those who's significant others don't play, how would it change your relationship if your SO plays? What is your ideal scenario (believable or outrageous) narrated or described?
  26. Nostalgia Disillusion, entertain the contrary of your nostalgia: games being that good or that bad, and seed it generously with doubt. 
  27. A magical gaming software appears: list its features!
  28. Describe your Geek Cave/Den/Shelf etc!
  29. Why do you keep old gaming stuff, and what old gaming stuff do you keep? 
  30. A Genie GM Appears, he asks you what game would you like run for you. Describe in needless detail all the aspects you would want him to grant. 

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