Saturday, September 28, 2013

GURPS Modern Fantasy Session 06 Gungeon Combat

This Combat Filled Session went well. I think we got to cycle through about 20 seconds. Realistically thats not how long scenes take to happen. Players were mostly confused what is happening because I could not give them information beyond 1 second of comprehension.

I like the Noise in the decision making process of a Combat and a Game. Its in the Noise where maneuvers and cleverness can be seen. Deduction and Induction are more important in games where there is noise, and you need only give small pieces of information.

Lessons Learned: 
Keep the map Really Small 25x25 units vs the 120x150units I made. BUT use grid scale to 0.1.  I think a smaller JPG is going to help a lot. If I use a lower res and smaller byte sized map there would be less lag.

Multi-Task Multi-task! I noticed that since people have to input their actions, its time for another person to act and roll. I don't want the NPCs to eat up time, so I end up moving them while the players are declaring their actions and moving their tokens. Its saves time. Its 4 hours but the combat was about 3.5 hours. On the first half hour we went through 3 seconds with 5 players and 3 other badguys.

I want to give combats some Luls and times where people can re-evaluate. I have to think of a way that minutes of consciousness and activities (non combat activities) can happen.

I used the Temple of Elemental Evil's Temple as the Map and it was inside a 100story Skyscraper thats about 18,000sqm on its highest floor.

The thing about GURPS combat system is that if you watch the less combat guys, they have less things to do. The only way they can achieve more is through long actions with skills and concentration. I'm worried for the enjoyment of the non-combat characters because I had a player who was playing dark souls while playing the game.

I'm GM, i have the power to implement what will improve the experience of the players and can see where problems might arise in the future. So I should try, at some experiments, to work around those problems Trading off some things for greater enjoyment.

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