Thursday, September 5, 2013

Migrating to GURPS Spaceships

There has been no update on GURPS Traveller ship combat rules. Its really time to dump them despite all the effort I've gone through making a spreadsheet, doctrine, and consolidating all the rules from all the various sources in my notes.

Spaceships has support, and plug in rules for GURPS mass combat for fleet action.

I was talking to +James Austin since he has the books and I was able to learn what else it supports. It was a great coincidence that he was also a honorverse fan and we can talked munchkin.

Man they thought of everything, the best edited and proofread system and rules, and it's more science crunchy with game blogs that talk gurps talk science.

If you have beef with the rules, then call on the Men in black or Steve Jackson Games volunteers who will help you out - I'm an MiB too.

Its going to cost me about $90usd to get all of space ships and the pyramid articles but I have to wait till Xmas when forex is in my favor. Wish they had a bundle discount lolz.

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