Friday, September 6, 2013

Minorities in my stable of pregens

Exploring the modern world through games, I'm considering making my next batch of Pregens of something far less common and rather mundane considering Disenfranchised/Disadvantaged Minorities (to distinguish it from Elite Minority that typically rule).

Being a minority means being in a very weak position in society. The reason why the "weaker" is protected is because Democracy/Liberty does not means Might or Many makes Right (although most often forgotten; in at present Facts and Truth slowly lose their value).

Of course many people "feel" like a minority when they are in power, simply because its their first time to not-get their way that's another interesting dilemma that would be useful in game.

But being a real minority, under-represented and so few that no one cares if you and your people live or die is something interesting to play.

Please ignore this if you don't like this kind of clutter and overhead in your games...

I can't speak for others, I'm just guessing some people may feel the same as I do, but inter-connectivity has made the experience of being oppressed, a persecuted minority, more real and tangible than ever. Many liberties I take forgranted  are brought into new light, and degrees of seperation are overcome by empathy regarding the plight of such people.

What is strange is that playing a Psychopath or Sociopath is a more accepted norml and does not make people uncomfortable, but playing certain minorities can make people very uncomfortable. Sure the morality of a monster is a great vehicle to tell a story, but why can't playing these minorities be also.

In light of the persecution reminiscent in the last world war, i can't help but see the parallels and be fearful. Then the game in the brain takes over and curiosity wants to explore that fear and the emotions deeper. I can relate with these people to some extent, and can be made a social outcast by certain "mindset" if not for status and money.

Since we deal with Heroes and heroes need challenges to overcome, being a Minority... a persecuted minority in this day and age is something interesting to play.

at the risk of offending, I'm particularly curious about having characters that are LGBT and various minority faiths and circumstances. Most interesting is that if their circumstance, makes their beliefs or preferences harder and definitely there is a certain lacking of the same rights we have taken for-granted.

Several instances of complexity I can think off is inspired by real world events is the Philippine Hermaphrodite Runner, the canadian trangendered miss world contender, and of course the more controversial LGBT persecution in Africa and Russia. There is also the minority of Non-religious, and their killings and jailing in Sharia countries. Of course, educated and empowered women fall in this depending on the culture and countires.

Modern Day has many interesting and muddy issues and interesting circumstances and PEOPLES that would be too fun to ignore. A Game is as much a Vehicle of Story Telling, so why not deal with heavy issues? ANyway, its a game you can always turn down or turn up the gravity of the situation.

Anyway, the GM doesnt' have to explore it in gritty detail when he can see that people are uncomfortable, he can short hand the scene.

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