Friday, September 27, 2013

Burn! Wait, I'm burned too!

This basically reminded me that I form an opinion completely on egocentric reasoning. I understand its only natural, since we know ourselves better than we know the opinion of other people.

But then, I realize that all if all my opinions are Ego-centric then their validity and utility is greatly diminished because I am not an indicator of the market or popular opinion.

With my niche tastes and habits, my disatisfaction is probably marketing doing their job correctly. I'm the kind of consumer that will game things to extract maximum value/utility, while taking the time to give a monetary value to good will.

The older I get, the more conservative I am with my money, the more I realize that marketing really plays on those weaknesses of collective consciousness (how slow it is to form its own informed opinion; and how it really needs to delegate verification and opinion to aggregators).

What the F*ck does that have to do with gaming?

Its Marketing, the Bane of a Good Designer! In economies of Effort you can be a Good Designer or Good Marketing person (this is my problem with one of the characters in my Modern Fantasy Game: He's good in marketing, but not in making stuff) to be (relative to the industry) good in both Design AND in marketing has a great cost.

Marketing has the advantage of getting Collective Support and thus beat out Good Design using the power of CASH (pooled resources)... Good Design is handicapped because Support is a product of Good Marketing NOT GOOD DESIGN (it can be, if your market are FRUGAL nerds ... which is still a resounding NO!)

I'm begining to realize that Batman Quote: We don't get the product we Need, we get the product we deserve!

I'm more often looking at products and development through the eyes of skepticism. Knowing that I've relied on marketing to tell me how good a product is, and I can only be really sure of the products I know intimately because of GM Tinkering (Tappy of Happy jacks is the only popular figure I am aware of that encourages tinkering and used to actively pushes it; pretty much a freethought "pusher").

And enter the bias towards Open or Creative Common Systems, whose' value is very much inherent and the easiest to assess.

Thats enough Meta Cogitating.

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