Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Princeling or Princes of the Bots

One Pregen Character we don't have yet is a full support character. Basically a character who takes advantage of the power of remote systems we have in present day.

The concept is a character who can use the Wearable computing of the other characters as a way to aid them by providing support: a lot of skills and flexible expertise.

Introducing Princeling/Princess
Basically the transgendered son/daughter of Osman Al Din who happens to be a prodigy. His (for now) strengths are basically, IQ14, Jack of All Trades maxed out at 3, Photographic Memory, Single Minded, and Versatile. Basically creative problem solving is the strength of this character drawing from a diverse set of skills.

Many Skills Princeling will perform at 11-12 (average default of -5 or -6) and has the single minded ability to add 3 to the task given enough time. Used "Creatively" the character has +1 from versatile.

Princeling has the Intelligence assets of his father, and resources of his "uncles" and "aunt" (mama mary). A creative problem solver, basically he can default many technical skills to aid the characters. The idea is that the character is "telepresent" and supports them through a secure connection in Osman's house and powerful wireless network Thomas, Osman, and Speedy have set up in the Haven.

The Chaos of Urban Sprawl allows illegal access to the City's technology infrastructure. You can basically bribe technicians to add cabling to their current installation, and have wireless diversions around. Osman business provides Rogue Internet, Connectivity, and Encryption.

In light of the NSA fallout, a Chaotic and Uncontrolled "Rogue State" like Haven would be perfect for sheltering the Good and the Bad privacy and encryption can bring to the world.

This connectivity, a boon to the black market of Haven, allows the Princeling to have unparalleled connection security and bandwidth within the backwater of Haven. Of course, it can never provide the bandwidth a Collectively Bargained Connectivity but it makes money and grants an unfair advantage to the extremely rich good guys which are Osman and Thomas.

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