Friday, September 27, 2013

Using PC Gaming lessons in RPG Gaming

Learning from Gabe Newell's presentation about PC gaming and looking at how it applies to RPGs and the rest of the technology Industry. I sound like a Business Student Lolz, trying to apply academic thinking as though the world is still a classroom.
  • User Generated Content is something that Open Systems and Playing Mediums like Roll20 and Tabletop Connect is pretty much poised for. Especially when there is a market place for it, and they get a small cut for Facilitation. 
  • Technology is improving and it is going to find its way in how we do things, your phone or wearable computer will be able to allow you to improve your User Experience: beginning with it being able to match you with other interested parties. 
  • User Generated Content: Open Systems and Apps like Ubuntu Apps (few years ago) is a great learning and exercise for people who are not programmers to slowly learn and participate in the Computer Industry. It brings down barrier of participation, and at least alternate revenue stream or a way to fight obsolete. Game design is a very well rounded medium to learn, because its made up of many fundamental design skills. 

  • Will RPG running blend with Computer Games as the barriers go down between the two mediums? Will GMs and Game developers, eventually have enough automated tools that the user experience still has the dynamics of a Table Top but Richness of Computer Game and a market and economy that supports this?
If this true then an open minded approach allows one to see opportunities, and a forward thinking to invest in skills and abilities that will allow someone to be prepared to take advantage of this change. 

So basically being the Facilitator of this market puts you in the position to reap the reward. But to be such a facilitator you have to be the most loved and credible entity, and it takes real risk. Someone who puts their business on the line, will gain the credibility.

18:50mins mark A Valve Linux Debugger! (which from my research help measure performance of your computer to see what Games are compatible)!

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