Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Host and Guest Protocol in RPG session

Talks with +Ken Kthulhu regarding technical set up for his Dark Heresy game made me think about why its a hard job being the GM.

I can compare it to being a Host and your players Guests. since there is no convenient etiquette protocol to reference I will supply my cultural hospitality protocol in Hangouts. (note that in Real Life Face to Face, these protocols are just ideal in polite society... gamers who wish differentiate themselves from Douches or D-bags may want to follow the protocol). 

Duties of a Host

Make Sure Guests are Comfortable, this includes making a comfortable environment - making sure your technical considerations for your Hangout Game is well in order.  
Take the time to entertain Each guest - GM facilitates and gives spotlight to each player.
Provide a means for other Guests to Busy themselves in the event - this is tricky, because it requires multi-tasking but in a Game either Face to Face or Hangouts.

Duties of a Guest

Its the Hosts's Event don't make it about you - when rules lawyers or dick players act out they are breaking this duty. In an event where there is out-game argument consider if it serves the game or it serves only your character. The GM is god and if he's not a douche he will work with you outside the game to deal with whatever prompted discussion. 
Guests Bear gifts, tokens of appreciation - well in games the GM forfeits this in exchange of emphasizing above, its Hangout/OnAir.  
As much as the Host makes the Guests comfortable, the Guests makes the Hosts job easier

And as in all things Deal in Good Faith. 

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