Monday, September 9, 2013

Mistaken Game, an Opportunity

There are so many new entrants to Games because of Roll20 they don't bother to read the fine print. My GURPS Modern Fantasy Game gets people who think it is DnD! Lolz

I should feel insulted, at least cautioned because these people didn't bother to think it through. If they didn't bother to even read the TITLE, that should be a red flag... but thats the thing. This hobby is not growing If I'm cautious and a filter out these new guys. Once they play DnD they are going to be playing that game there is a very low chance they play something else. The Game I'm running is MODERN FANTASY, with guns monsters and current events. Real or Fiction, it can find its way in the game. Intentionally a Kitchen Sink setting.

Sorry if it sounds bad to the DnD Guys but there are so many systems out there and not enough of the new guys are trying it IMO. I want others to try out GURPS, and eventually try out other systems like Mongoose Traveller (or Classic Traveller), Fate, Fading Suns, L5R, House of the Blooded, Song of Ice and Fire, etc. etc... (WH40k has ENOUGH people wanting to get into the RPG from the wargaming side).

People may complain about GURPS as they might, but we have the best Editing in the business. Check out our Errata and FAQ (no BALANCE ISSUES!!!). The system has not needed a new version since 2004, and prior to that it was in 89 was the previous versions. If Grognards want to talk value for money, editing, and comprehensive and well references books plus getting REAL WORLD EXPERTS GURPS is your game. Also the number of science geeks in GURPS is comparable to Traveller and Transhumanist Sci-fi fans.

So basically its all about Attitude. Turning this mistake into an opportunity, and using the opportunity to open people up to other RPGs.

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