Saturday, September 14, 2013

GURPS Modern Fantasy Session 06

+Matthew Williams and +jj123382 joins our band of "big damn heroes" in the latest session of GURPS Modern Fantasy. JJ plays Vash a streetwise thug working for Knuckles, who is friends with Matt, played by Matthew, who is a rescue professional and medic.

The game has its usually bugs, but we power through it to start more or less on time. I'm a bit rusty, and it shows a bit, some where near the 2nd hour my ability to cycle through the Turns gets buggy. I have to find a way to compensate for a 3-5 second lag for one of the players.

If you have an action, try to communicate the whole idea. Talk over me if you have to because the Lag I don't know if your waiting for me or you were just about to speak. When in doubt, type out your action with the /me in roll20.

Introducing new players into the arc is pretty challenging, because strangely it has to make sense even when the world and setting doesnt have to.

As usual, everyone gets 1cp, 2cp to give out to other players and 1cp for a Post about the session or 1cp for Backstory about your characters and how they intertwine till the next session.

GMing Notes

Ending with a Crunchy Combat Situation I guess is the best way in such an Open Game Style, this way I can build the Dungeon or Gun-geon the guys are going to be fighting in. I Love the Night and Darkness penalties, because its the best way to make full use of the Roll20 tools and to make a rather small area feel bigger.

I will allow for 6 second GURPS Turns, to resolve more significant actions per cycle of initiative. if I go by regular 1second turns things will be too slow and 6 second turns tend to fairly realistic in Decision Making Increments.

I hope the Roll20 Zoom toolbar works, cause its not been working the past month for me for all my games. Now that I'm GMing its going to be a BIG deal if it doesnt work.

Big Screen Helps Alot and so does having a fast Computer to have a better responsive feel. Love Modern Fantasy, since I can pull out Dungeon Material in a Modern Setting but Love also that people will have to play much smarter when GUNS are in play (smaller room for error).

Can't wait for the Game (of course I can I have about 4 dungeon maps to prep)

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