Thursday, September 19, 2013

The GM just blew up our Ship!

The Pathfinder Chronicles: So Last Nights Game of Traveller Hit Hard: I do not normally do this as I figure that I record the sessions so if you are keen to find out what is happening that you would watch the s...

Well as the Cut Throat Accountant the first thought in my head is: "Thank Goodness I had no equity in that Ship" the second thought was "Oh no the captain!... " well honestly Jia is a "bad guy" in the Walter White kinda way but walter wight still cares about Jesse and he cares about the crew. Although like your friend who may have some pretty twisted priorities, Jia would be bitching and whining more about the lost assets, all that hard work, the datasystems, having gotten so close to breaking even finally etc etc... just happy most of his friends are alive.

So +Mark Knights  asked its an opportunity to start fresh... well its an opportunity alright. You can imagine the guy with the Str2 and Dex3 at max encumbrance not exactly liking the idea that he was a pay off away from having a PROSTHETIC exoskeleton.

The Quote of the night was "WHEN DID THIS BECOME GAME OF THRONES!?" i can't remember if it was Scott or Tom who shouted it out. When the captain died, undramatically (he got zapped) It didn't sink in too painfully.

Uggg... the pressure to make the game different is on the GM and I think he shouldn't worry. I appreciate Traveller and played it despite that I came from GURPS Traveller, as long as its traveller. I've told Mark this, I think, that I don't mind it +Bobby Navarro my traveller GM brought me up playing the 80s traveller as compared to the Hip new Sci-Fi them Young-en's play like Eclipse Phase, Cthonian Stars, Transhuman Space, etc... which I've only Run but never played.

Fading Suns and the backwardness and intolerance of a Dark Age Sci-Fi strangely fits the 80s Traveller mindset if you consider the Value system (removing the Value system of Asimov and the Secular Humanists Sci-fi writers). In Transhumanist Sci-fi the questions are Political and Ideological discussions. Never bring politics, religion, and ideologies into your RPG game... so thats the funny thing about going to a "deeper" thinking Sci-fi its to dangerous that its not fun. I think its better to just write your Sci-fi Story or Discussion, or play it with those who signed up for the same ideological background.

Accomodation may seem like it sacrifices depth, but I'm admittedly having fun in the previous set up. I didn't mind that Jia was the accompanying the rest of the crew in to dangerous situations with the captain doing the trading. I know its work to track and make money in traveller, so I don't mind if Jia is not using his best skill in something that actually requires PLAYER WORK. I appreciate it so much I'm glad I wasn't doing it.

Anyway now Jia has to step up and given his skillset, he has to play Mastermind. +Tobie Abad ran us through Wilderness of Mirrors which is inspiring on how the mechanic for Mastermind works. Although Leverage should be a more of what our Group might turn into if we just do Odd Jobs.

The thing about Master Mind is that it needs special mechanics because I don't want to control or make players do what they don't want to do. Thats why I just go with the flow, I don't want to presume to tell them what to do. We just role-play our cooperation and problemsolving, the thing is that its not going to be coordinated and I'm really holding back OCD levels of control because I know its not healthy in a game but I'm worried this is what the GM may want for precision problem solving.

One can be a D*ck in the office, but not in the gaming table and i want to relax and not be a big floppy donkey D*CK in a game.

Also I wanted to have fun and kick back, I just finished Hangover Series and want to base Jia a bit of both Chow and Alan. Nothing like the death of a business partner (and major Asset loss) to fuel revenge to make Baron Jia a fullblown villain... lolz. uggg I'll play the villain if the other guys needs me to, and I can have fun playing the villain.

So what am I rambling about? I just said I'll have fun any which way the wind blows. I just need the wind to be blowing, and the GM doesn't need to worry about making maps or details, I don't mind making things up because i can work with what ever to have fun.


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