Friday, September 20, 2013

After my first article

Wow, it was my first time to earn anything outside my income. I've never been successful selling my art, much more getting anything I've written published. Although looking back at the amount of hours it took me to write it, its not a bad way to earn a living (assuming more opportunities are there and I've checked: sadly there isn't any**) but considering how much I've tried and my success rate in getting published I'd have to reduce that value to a very small decimal two and more spaces to the right of zero. So its a great one-off thing. Good thing I have my day job.

Still I believe in my work and I want to contribute something more. I've gotten my Graphic Tablet to work and I've started doing some sketches to see how rusty I am. Back when I was drawing it took me about 4-6 hours to make my amateur work. I had a long way to go, but I didn't have the time to learn since Income was a problem. Now that I have a job, with my free time I can revisit my hobbies and train in skills essential in the future (like mandarin, programming, and 3d).

Now that there are more free programs and all these tools to better track my progress and tutorials I can access, with time I can get good again. I might even have to play Computer Games for brain exercises lolz (seriously I'm not fan of computer games anymore, I feel too slow and old playing them).

Moving forward my games will be OnAir so that there is no illusions to my GM skill level. I guess it show cases my story telling skill and what my interests are and hopefully some people who are into the same things will find my work and join my game or check out what I publish or put out.

I'm still realistic that its going to still be a part time thing, but hey it beats losing hours in useless GM prep or doing anything else with nothing to show for. The accomplishment is a good feedback loop, and I hope to escalate and level up.

**working on something.

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