Sunday, January 29, 2023

2023 Jan Sales report Update


  1. Nicco is finished with the first Draft of Ships: 
    1. 50dton Armed Cutter
    2. 100dton Courier
    3. 200dton FreeTrader and Variants. 
    4. We also developed a Workflow so the ships can be created very quickly. 
    5. Remaining:
      1. Animation Scenes - Ships Transiting "Burning Away" 
      2. Animation Scenes - Ships Docking 
      3. Ring Habitats. Creating a Parlance for Habitats as they are like Towns and Cities, having a network relationship (Towns concentrating transactions to Cities as hubs). 
  2. I finished the ability for the Spreadsheet to Build Star Systems' contents so that the GM or World Builder can just cut and paste the contents.  Remaining are: 
    1. Alph Centauri A 
    2. Changing all the World Formats to match this data outlay. 
    3. Creating NPCs and the usual fluff. 
    4. Adding the Ships with Renders. 
    5. Hopefully end of Feb. (sorry for the delay)

Goals Update

  1. We will be migrating to CC-BY (creative commons attribution see Dungeon World as an Example). This means all our material can be resold by other people without any Transformative work if they want to run us out of business as long as they credit us. But more importantly, we will be proofing ourselves when WOTC deauthorizes OGL 1.0a.  
    1. We will be moving away from Traveller copyrighted material (Example the Traveller SRD's expressions of the rules are copyrited with the OGL giving permission to be used) and OGL 1.0a. Key terms like JUMP and TECH level will be used, except that we will use our own Expression that will be compatible with all the other Cepheus Engine and Traveller Products. The way Everyone can use Strength, Dexterity, Constitution etc...     
  2. 2-Parsec end of Feb. will be included to Mneme World Generator 
    1. Major Edits  - A major Edit was the layout to be easier to work with and Luhman 16 AB and creating details for the multi-Star Systems. 
    2. We will be adding ships. So those who bought World Generator will get a copy of 2-Parsec and some Ships and Maps.
    3. The ship material are not going to be complete buyers will Get CE stats for the ships and Pictures and Reference Models.   
  3. 2-Parsec Stand Alone. March 1 2023
    1. This has to be done with the most up to date Ship Combat and Encounter rules.
    2. The Paid version (Not the pay-what-you-want version. Which only has the rules and sample ships) will have a draft of the Ship Combat and Encounter Rule.
    3. Scheduling 3 to 6 Parsec depending on success or failure of sales.   
  4. Ship Builder Rules and Blender Files. April 2 2023
    1. Updated Ship Combat Rules. This will be a whole new Ship Building, Operations, Encounters, and Combat rules (Not all Encounters are Combat, emergencies, Intercepting, and Intelligence Gathering are non-Combat encounters of Ships and other Space Encounters). 
    2. We hope to regularly create Ships and Space Stations in the future. Hopefully every month nicco and I can produce a new set of ships and animations. Our buyers will have a lot of ships to choose from and given that it has Maps and that the GM can easily model scenes in EEVEE - people will like our products and the ability to create immersive scenes. 
  5. CC-By Character Creation Board Game. May 1 2023
    1. A character Creation mini-game to generate background stories for characters and NPCs. 
  6. CC-By Character Creation and Character Development Rules. August 1 2023. 
    1. Automated Character Generator. GMs generates whole casts of characters. 
  7. CC-By Mneme Open Scifi Setting. Dec 1 2023
    1. Timeline from Present to 2500. 
    2. 2300-2500 fall and recovery of the Sol Confederation (confederation of states). 
    3. 2200-2500 human expansion as the first Jump Drives allowed humans to begin seeding other stars. With growth rates of  2-5%, hundreds of stars with millions to billions of humans.  
    4. Purpose: for our Fiction Products and World Building. So that Nicco and I can detail it with Maga Structures: Space Elevtors, thousand KM habitat rings, and thousands of City and Town Habitats (creating a procedural generator in blender).  
2022 (Aug to Dec) sales was around 400usd. 
We hope to exceed the 100usd/mo ideally double and income generating months. 
As always our long term goal is 74k usd in sales per year in the long run (which means 40k after DTRPG's).  that means I have to have a monthly growth of 2.2% . That means I have to look for Strategic Actions that increase my sales by 2.28% monthly. What aspects of my products increase the awareness and usability for the customers. 

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