Saturday, January 21, 2023

What will be Creative Commons, what will be this new Deauthorizing OGL 1.2 

Not Included: Page 1-55 Races to Classes. 
CC 56-104 Beyond 1st Level to Spellcasting
Not Included: Page 105-253 - Spell List to Magic Items.
CC 254-260 Monster Mechanics
Not Included 261-358  Monsters
CC 358-359 Conditions 
Not Included 360-403 Pantheons to Planes. 

After the Survey - this is just too much effort for a publishing group like nicco and I. I might as well wait for ORC. The deauthorizing part - F*CK that - I have to spend time on this instead of writing. Yeah, follow ORC where people representing my interests are having a dialogue. 

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