Friday, January 6, 2023

The stats of missiles - volume and amount per dton


  1. They dont need fins because there is no atmosphere. 
  2. They need maneuvering thrusters, typically with leverage to the center of mass. The center of mass. 
  3. The missiles are: 
    1. small 1.5m x .15m
    2. medium 2m x .2m
    3. large 3m x .3m
    4. very large 5m x .5m 
  4. the DeltaV is % so a Ship with 50% of its volume in fuel has as much delta-V as a similar vessel if they are the same Efficiency. For the Mneme missiles have 50-60% fuel. 10% hull and shielding. 20% engine. 20% Payload. 25kms in TL 9/12 (9 is CE and 12 is Mneme Tech Level). 
  5. Missiles can be Liquid FUEL and thus reusable - aka Probes and Drones. 
  6. Missiles with SOLID FUEL are not reusable but have 3-10x the delta V. 75-250kms
  7. Did you see how many SMALL missiles can fit in 1 dton? FULLY filled it can fit actually 310 but there is supposed to be some allowance per dton!?

Is this procrastinating? Maybe, I don't really know. 

The: So What! Test

I was guessing about the missiles and the weapons. Now I have models to see if they fit. Blender tells me the volume and I can just get the dtons. Even if I give allowances for access. 

I wanted to stat the missiles. Just HMG 12mm, Rotary 20mm, small medium and large missiles are enough for the scenario.  I didn't know where to start. 

Now I have a lot of questions that I need to answer. Like missile Rate of Fire. if they all have the same delta V whats the advantage of getting bigger missiles? 

Now I'm able to think of an Expanse-like Encounter, one with Pirates have a 50/50 chance getting a Merchant Trader.  

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