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Mneme Scale - Analyzing Scale

 The Volume of the model is 73 m^3 but the usable volume is 67 cubic meters, which I'm rounding down to 60 so that 1 40ft container is equal to 4 dtons as each dton is 15 cubic meters of internal usable volume. 

40ft containers beside this ship which when measured 2000 + 700 m3 = 2700 m3 less than 200dtons


the Micro or Small Nuclear Reactors are being designed to fit a 40ft container. So already in TL7/09 or Late TL6.5/08 you will have your micro nuclear reactors

I'm planning to make a number of OLD TL7/9 to 8.5/11 ships thousands of such ships moving around. They use JUMP tenders - 5,000 dton ships that specialize ferrying ships between stars. the energy and resources to repair and refurbish ships. A ship can be made up of 300 year old parts (TL 9/12 is around 2300+ ) 

Starships volume is 2,550 = 170dtons with 1,200tons of Propellant
  1.  The spacecraft is 50 m (160 ft) tall[67] and 
  2. has a dry mass of less than 100 t (220,000 lb).[65]
  3.  Starship's payload volume is about 1,000 m3 (35,000 cu ft),
    1. which leaves 1,550 volume for the 1,200 tons of propellant and engines. 
    2. 100tons (or 10dtons of payload). 
  4. 78] slightly larger than the International Space Station's pressurized volume,[79] and can be enlarged with a 22 m (72 ft) tall extension.[80]: 2

0.434 Tons per Cubic Meter. 1200t/0.434 = 2765 cubic meters of volume.? probably th

1550 should be about 672 tons of fuel. Of course we know that there is even less space as the ship's fuel is stored in spheres inside the rocket. 

Methlox is about $1300 per ton or $13,000 per 10 tons. Lower TL ships have HUGE fuel portions relative to the rest of the ship 

40ft Containers in Sketchfab by Lex713

how to fix the missing Textures

you have to rename the PNG files to DDS (in linux replace PNG to dds)

Daniel Groves EEVEE friendly ship kitbash

Low Poly Humans (Free) Polygon Runway You still have to Scale this down. 
Starship SpaceX by Martian Days

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