Wednesday, January 11, 2023

While I edit the 2-Parsecs from Sol, nicco is working on the Blender Ship Builder Template File

 We have made an Adventure Template. A standardized way to present System Information based on Lessons learned from other systems and the insight from seth skorkowskies videos of typical problems in creating adventures. 

Ongoing is the Ship Builder and the Space Encounters and Combat. I was doing this while Nicco was finishing 2-parsec's initial draft. Now that he was done with the first draft, I'm now editing it and its going to take 2-3 weeks of 5-8 hours per week - after work and after my duties. A long way before I can do this as full-time thing and the latest news about the OGL 1.1 has many people doing this as full time - and I hope to do that as well. 

  1. Adventure Template - 2-Parsec  - designing the layout and Information to prioritize. Based on the analysis of what is the information we need to prep for a game and what would make it easier. 
    1. Editing 2-Parsec - fixing the Headers, Styles, and the Layouting as I had to remove HSC 1110 and replace it with Luhman 16AB and relayout the data and make many adjustments. F*CKING companion mode lolz - I come from Libreoffice and Google Docs. If we do well we will invest in better layouting Tools like more PC ram and screens for Google Docs
  2. Ship Building File Template. (cannot be released because it has the Kitbashes models we bought, we can only release the Kitbash parts we made ourselves; we can make the "Joined Models"). 
    1. Asset Browser will contain the 
      1. Materials
      2. Geomtery Nodes
      3. Kitbash parts
      4. MAP (internal) Assets
    2. Ship Procedural generator - to break any hesitation and idea block and just generate a ship with the general profile and shape. 
    3. MAPs. Ships will have maps. 
    4. Ship Building Workflow Design. Allocation of Time 
      1. 1-5% Making it Fit the DTONS budget and Dton Specification. 
      2. 60-70% Kit Bashing the Ship. 
      3. 20-25% Making the MAP 

Goals are that we produce the ships quickly. ideally an hour with a Map and its Stats ready. 
of course, it takes 1-2 hours to assemble a scene for rendering in EEVEE (meaning the parts are all made already). 

MNEME will make sure GMs can create scene set pieces in blender quickly. If we grow I have an idea of using either or GODOT to automate this further.
Flipped Normals are a Feature and not a BUG if you are modeling Internal parts. 

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