Saturday, January 28, 2023

Animation of Tethers orbiting a Gas Giant.

 Tether animation Only

Explanation and Animation.

This uses the files from Mneme World Generator 
Simple Animation assuming the gas giant is 128k km diameter this would be a 3500 km tether. 2 hours to render on my RX 550  

This is based on Bradley Edwards's Space Elevator  

Basically, after reading his paper on Space Elevators - the spine or the tether of a space elevator is the CORE component of massive habitats and mining and manufacturing operations.  

It can spin to create gravity, it can act like an Innertia Bank (see the sky hook). As massive habitat and inertia bank the Habitat Moves along the Tether to adjust its "Gravity". 

Its an important Terraforming tool and reduces the cost to orbit. It reduces the cost of making other Space Elevators. 

The idea of a Spinning tether that plunges deep into a gas giant's atmosphere to Collect material - from hydrogen, compounds like ammonia, and metallic hydrogen crystals, and more specialized and hardened version of the same Tether meant for a much Deeper Plunge - in Jupiters crushing depths - this is a Jovian Forge. 

In Mneme Jovian Forges are important in creating the more effective and powerful materials needed for more sophisticated infrastructure.    

Model Information: 

blender, 2 hours to render with a 100usd GPU RX550, if the gas giant is 128k km then the tether would be about 3,400km. 

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