Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Expanse Combat Inspiration - for Mneme.

Mneme Space Combat is trying to make it that a GM can run these kinds of combat. Point Defense Rotary Cannons of 20mm, Ship launching as many missiles either with a mass Driver to add delta V or "Dead" launches with what ever delta-V the ship has. 

Like the best Missile Launcher is a TAIL mass driver so the launching of a Missile can add more delta-V! Or Open a Bay of several Dtons (12/dton) of 3000x30mm missiles or 5000x50mm missiles that have a deltaV of 3-7kms. 

Also the rules don't get in the way of the Narrative. Ideally more intuitive than the current one. 

  1. Major Set back. What I thought was a Good Idea WAS DUMB when I put it in a spreadsheet. The stats of the Components. I have to rewrite several pages. I don't know how often you have an experience when it was a great idea at first then you start doing the math and its terrible. 
  2. I also figured out a way to Allow CE ships without MNEME to be used. I just don't know how to organize the Chapter and Information. So I have a set of rules that works with CE and MNEME - how do I execute it without making the reader confused? 
    1. (reminds me of my Job as I'm figuring out how to make our Production start using ERPnexts Manufacturing module by using dummy data, we don't need to get all the parts working 100% it just needs to be BETTER THAN CURRENT SYSTEM. if its 1% better {more orderly} and the end user Likes it OR even if its 100% better {less steps} but the end user doesn't like it) 
  3. I know I need a week or two to STEW these ideas. Like my brain pondering it and several filled notebooks of scribles. I wish I was smarter but being the "Discount Director" means settling with my mediocre stats and the time it takes. 
  4. I had to make a JUMP tender or carrier ship (5000dtons - as big as a . just to check if the system broke down. it did)


  1. DISTANCES. distances are determined by the total effective of the Crew and their Tools (Sensors). I'm setting them around multipliers or fractions of Light Seconds (299k Km). 
  2. Simple Procedure which I hope I simplified it enough: 
    1. INTERCEPT. this key concept that means "are they going to be close enough to affect each other). The GM, assuming perfect information, states the RELATIVE vectors - it can be as simple as You guys will be Intercepting in 1km to 30K km in a couple of days or hours. the GM doesn't have to do the MATH so much. He just has to set the 2 KEY information: Relative Speeds and Time to Intercept. (I can make a simple 2d6 table that a GM who doesn't want to think too hard to use).
  3. If there is an INTERCEPT course and the Opposing ship has MORE deltaV reserve then - there will be an encounter UNLESS: they play chicken about their delta-V. Which one of them can burn enough delta-V before they run out of it to find safe haven and refuel. A tiny ship with 25kms vs a Ship with 4kms  or a ship with a lot of missiles with 7-10kms. The outcome is inevitable. 
  4. GM works back the Hour before intercept. Because there are around 4 turns before intercept and since a turn is 1000 seconds its easy to multiple the KMs by 1000.   

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