Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Updates Jan 17 2023 for Mneme

Why the delay?
Many edits and criticisms in my head Seth Skarkowsky would expect as the bare minimum.  I've considered getting help and started inquiring in our partner schools regarding their Communications and English Graduates who are looking for freelance.  I hope to hire and train a freelancer.  

  1. Fixed some Issues in the World Generator Spreadsheet. 
  2. Stuff to Do (Still doing). 
  3. Give everything a Heading.  (so it will show up in the outline and can hyperlink)
  4. Give maps headings 
  5. Change the layout of the Characters. 
  6. Character Portraits are along with all STATS. This is because we use headings. Making multiple entries of the same character is tedious and inefficient. 
  7. To be written
    1. How to use NPCS 
    2. How to LINK Scenarios. 
  8. What is Nicco Doing. 
    1. Creating a Production Blender File that will allow us to efficiently produce ships. 
      1. Drag and drop ship section using Asset Browser
      2. Allow us to Generate 2d Floor Plans with Blender so that the ships have Maps.
      3. Create a basic scene for easy render for GMs who want to make pictures of their ships. 
    2. Creating the 4 variants of the Standard Trader (Tentative "Open Trader" as its design was public domain for almost 300 years)
    3. Creating the Courier, Stout Merchant, and the Armed Cutter based on our own Creative Common version. 

2022-11-02Radius Calculator for Terrestrial Worlds and Dwarf WorldsOPEN
2022-11-03Zone ErrorsOPEN
2023-01-17Circumststellar Disks PositionOPEN
2023-01-15Visualization - visualization of the stars Rolled up for sense of size.2023-01-17DONE
2022-11-03Zone Errors Dwarf Planet2023-01-17DONE
2022-11-02Radius Calculator for Terrestrial Worlds2023-01-17DONE

The Star rolled has basic visualizations so that people who didn't memorize the OBAFGKM don't have to keep saying "oh be a fine girl kiss me" over and over again when trying to remember what kind of star this is. 

I cant release under GPLv3 because it prevents me from hosting in Drive thru RPG. 

We are considering  Creative Commons Share Alike  hoping to publish by Mid Feb. 


They are the freshers and distributed life support (nicco coined this). as soon as Space was a place people will permanently live people tried to Distribute Life support and later made them portable into Life Pods. 
Life Pods have atmosphere and water recyclers and purifiers.  They used to be huge and got smaller as TL progressed. they have the medical equipment to allow drugged and managed sleep, and later different grades of Hibernation. they have a cache of food and intravenous nutrients.  
Life Pods that can serve as life rafts began to appear at the middle of TL7/9 in the 2050s. 
They also act as Freshers because you wash yourself and your Vacc Suit in Lifepods.

Imagine a bathtub big enough for you to put on your Intra-Vehicular Activity Suit, and Store your spare IVA suit. When you sleep you sleep in a Life pod in case anything happens while you sleep. A ship that needs more Life support capacity draws from the Extra capacity of the Lifepods. The number of Intact Life Pods when a ship goes through a lot of damage determines the remaining Life support of the ship.

as storytellers this simplifies a lot of Life on a ship and space station. Space stations with people living there wearing IVA suits need these for the maintenance of the IVA and personal hygiene. Even the cultivated Micro biomes of Spacefarers still need to be cleaned and manage the micro biomes on their skin. 

remember Suits are big and flexible enough to pull your arms out of the sleeves and drink and eat inside your suit, wipe your face and do some basic cleaning. Some are flexible enough to let you reach into your pant leg if you have an injury there. 

Material Scaling in hard Scifi

In harder Scifi - the amount of material to keep a Human Alive per year with a Quality of Life comparable to us here on earth is thousands of Tons of materials and equipment. So humans making 10-1000x as much as present day humans as they pay for their cost of living on a Ship worth to present day humans tens of Billions of dollars. Its like the industry a Medieval Society would need to just produce a Car. 

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