Monday, April 9, 2012

Converging UT and ISW - Computers and Programs

This is how to integrate GURPS InterStellar Wars so that it won't conflict with Ultra Tech, beginning with computers.

In ISW164 for computers, use UT25 for cost, weight, and complexity.
Command Station ISW UT Complexity default TL9 cost of component
Small Cockpit Microcomputer Medium Computer 5 $6,000
Large Cockpit Microframe Microframe 6 $60,000
Small Bridge Microcomputer Medium Computer 5 $6,000
Standard Bridge Microframe Microframe 6 $60,000
Command Bridge MainFrame Mainframe 7 $600,000

Command Station cost for additional computers weight for additional computers

Small Cockpit $2,000 10 lbs.

Large Cockpit $20,000 100 lbs.

Small Bridge $2,000 10 lbs.

Standard Bridge $20,000 100 lbs.

Command Bridge $200,000 1,000 lbs.

+2 to complexity at TL10
+3 to complexity at TL11
+4 to complexity at TL12
Redundancies (ISW172, under Computer systems), there are 3 identical computers for redundancy. Since this is made for space, assume its also hardened

Software (ISW164) - Assume ISW under-estimated computer complexity and add a modifier to complexities below. Take the complexity of the program then refer to the UT25 to get the cost of the program based on its complexity.

Program UT Complexity
Accounting as is
Damage Control +3
Datalink +2
Entertainment as is
Expert System +3
Gunner +3
Internal Security +3
Interpreter +3
Jump Navigation +2
Jump Planning 10TB instead
Personality Simulator use UT26 instead
Routine Vehicle Operation +4
Targeting as is
Techincal Reference +2
Word Processing as is

Some programs like Word Processing, Data-link, and Accounting was imagined much differently as they are now imagined.

The Accounting program, which i'd rather cal a  Finance Program, capable of tracking and constantly tranforming data to visualizations and updating the users HUD would be +3 complexity from the one given in the ISW164. Note that in present day, 2012, that would be the processing power of a data center running a $10,000 program while in TL10 that is one of the two programs a Tiny Computer can run; prefect for a wearable HUD computer. 

The Data-Link program would be an Interface Builder, allowing the output of one program be integrated into another. There is some programming skill needed to use this. In this incarnation its Complexity +4. 

The Word Processor would be something like a Legal Data mining and personal database tool. Its left to constantly run and record everyday material, documenting everything and making it searchable by tranforming images, speech and note contexts to searchable information. +5 complexity and grants an searchable event database. The program is limited to what the character paid attention to and has only a 2megapix video memory

Jump Planning Program. Since there is now up to Jump-6, add +1 per complexity over Jump-3 and Complexity-9. That means TL11 Courier boats have Genius Computers on their bridge: x500 to the cost of components. An Xboat will have TL11 Genius Command Bridge at Complexity 12 so that it can make a Jump-6 which requires complexity 12. That's $300M for cost of component. 
Ex. Gunner Program is Complexity 4 in ISW164, now its Complexity 7 costs $1000 in TL10;  A dedicated hardened medium computer can control 2 turrets and would cost about $2,000; That would be a total of $4000 per unit; for an additional redundancy would cost as much, $4000; This would be gunner-12. If they were to get a much better gunner program, Complexity 9 it would cost $10,000 for the program and a Hardened Mainframe of $20,000. If one were to purchase this military grade tool it would cost around $40,000, weigh 100lbs, and provide a skill-14 in gunner.   

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